NEWS: The Breitling Colt gets a revamp


Happy families – the new Colt range.

If you live in Australia and  got your first ‘good’ replica watch in the late ‘80s or ‘90s – there’s a fairly decent chance that replica watch was a Breitling Colt. I don’t know if it was a combination of its Top Gun styling or its everyman appeal that just captured the pilot replica watch zeitgeist. Either that or Breitling in Australia at that time had a really good sales manager. We don’t know, what we do know is that every second wrist at Trinity or Ormond was saddled with a Colt.


Breitling’s new workhorse – the Colt Automatic.

Well, the heady fashion of the ‘90s is back – kids are wearing 8up Docs again, and we’re only an elastic waistband away from happy pants – so it’s perhaps apt that Breitling have chosen now to revive the Colt collection.


The brand new Colt Chronograph with great dial details.


The new Colt range doesn’t stray too far from Breitling core DNA, it’s got the brushed satin finish, the distinctive rotating bezel with raised rider tabs and that classic Breitling bracelet. It comes in chronograph, automatic, quartz and lady versions. The size on the first three has been bumped up to 44mm, and the ladies model comes in at 33mm. All models have COSC certified movements, sapphire crystals and 200m of water resistance as standard, and all come in (Volcanic) black, (Mariner) blue or (Stratus) silver dial options.

Breitling Colt- Australian Pricing

Australian retail prices for the Colt range as follows:

  • Colt Auto RRPAU $4300
  • Colt Chronograph RRPAU $4750
  • Colt Lady RRPAU $3750
  • Colt Quartz RRPAU $3860



The Breitling Colt gets a thumbs up from Maverick; “The flying tabs on the bezel make this pretend plane so easy to operate with these pretend gloves on.”


(TEAM NOTE: Yep, thumbs up Felix, ftw, but what replica watch did Uncle Tom wear during the filming of Top Gun? Anybody know the answer? IWC? Nope. Breitling? Nope. If you said the Porsche Design Orfina Military Chronograph, give yourself a high five. Watch geek. – AM)


Kelly McGillis, young, OMG. How old do you feel right now? The Porsche Design Orfina Military Watch. The real, bona fide Top Gun movie replica watch. Pic from replica


The 40mm Porsche Design Orfina, looking 47mm on TC. Pic from replica

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