HANDS-ON: The Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3 Days Automatic Watches – PAM00616

At first glance, Panerai replica watches reveal a reassuring familiarity — large cases, large crown guards and a dial design which puts legibility centre and front. A close look at the catalogue will show that the brand born from its own Italian diving heritage has rather a great deal of diversity available, especially when it comes to case materials. From bronze to ceramic and (most recently) Bulk Metallic Glass, Panerai Luminor replica watch has powerful form when it has to do with material invention. And now we’re using a closer look at one of the most intriguing examples from recent times: Carbotech.

Before we speak about the case material, let’s step back for a second and take a look at the larger picture. PAM00616 is a 47mm Panerai Luminor Submersible replica watches, among the brand’s beefiest scenarios, great for 300m of thickness, and a standout due to its solid dip bezel and patented crown shield. The watch is striking the inside, also, with a large P.9000 calibre moving off, a double-barrelled beauty that’s good for three days of electricity. It’s a watch that you might reasonably expect to weigh down the wrist. But it does not.

That is where the Carbotech comes in. Aside from its obvious visual charms, Carbotech is lightweight (the whole package comes in at approximately 135 grams), very strong and very durable. It also, importantly, seems amazing, like blacked-out tiger stripes. Now you might be wondering just what Carbotech is, and that is an eminently reasonable question. Carbotech is a composite material made from thin layers of carbon fibre, laminated under pressure with PEEK polymer which binds the layers together. The result of this layering process is that each and every illustration is unique.

While the practical advantages of Carbotech make it a fantastic choice for a severe dive watch such as the Submersible, it is the strong look that draws the eye. The striation of the instance is especially visible in profile and on the bezel, in the form of soft whorls and swirls. Panerai Luminor marina imitation watches has perfectly accented this material with warm, classic creamy tones onto the bezel and dial up — and while you may think this old world reference could be out of place with all the 21st century substance, the juxtaposition works perfectly.

With its cutting-edge case and traditional design, the Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech is a great example of Panerai Luminor gmt imitation watches two key pillars: innovation and tradition.

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